• It is required to carefully read the specific course syllabus, especially the prerequisites for attending. You can access the course syllabus by clicking on the specific course.
  • If approved by the home institution, Bachelor students (final year) can register for Master courses.
  • Course changes after submission of the application are limited and depend on available places (request for change should be sent to summer.school@ef.uni-lj.si).
  • Required minimum enrolment per course is 10-12 students. The maximum enrolment per course is limited to 20-25 students.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a course if enrolment numbers are below the limit or if any other circumstances beyond our control prevent us from delivering the course. Any potential course cancellations will be announced to registered students as soon as possible by email. In case of an official cancellation from our side, we will offer the possibility to change the course (depending on the available places) or arrange a full refund of the paid fees.

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